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Friday’s quote

Friday, March 1st, 2019
  • “Behold the turtle. He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out.”
  • – James Bryant Conant


    Dealing with a loss

    Friday, March 1st, 2019

    Recently I have loss a love one and it has been hard to deal with. That love one was my grandma. I would visit my grandma every week to take care of her and she was fine for so long the only problem was that she wasn’t walking. She still had spunk and a lot of confidence. All of that sadly changed after we celebrated her birthday in September. After that it was like one thing after another. It was hard to see her but I still had hope that she would get better. There was a lot of ups and downs when I would visit because one day she was able to stand the next day the nurse says that she can’t be on her feet anymore or like she will talk to me and remembers who I am and then the next time she would think I’m a lady trying to take away her husband from her. It was like an emotional roller coaster.

    On her last days she was always sleeping and she wasn’t eating and the day my brother went to visit her she wasn’t responsive and he called everyone when the nurses was trying to stabilized her. I was heading to work when I got the call and I just went straight there. When I arrived my grandma was a live and with her was my brother and a family friend who is like family. She was talking a lot and saying that she loved us and more of the family came to be with grandma because the nurse and my brother called them. We all thought she was going to be fine now so hours later everyone left and went home or went to work etc. We all thought she would still be a live months from now but sadly that didn’t happen.

    I was at a friends house for game night when I got a call from my brother saying that grandma passed away. I was in shock but was able to say I’m coming. When I hung up my tears came crashing down and I’ve always hated crying in front of people but that night it didn’t matter I was just so sad. My fiancé drove us to see my family and grandma before they take her away. It was a sad sight but I felt happy that the whole family was there because we were all trying to comfort and support each other all through the night till they took my grandma away.

    The next few days went by fast but long at the same time. There was a lot of preparations that we had to do like going through albums to find pictures of my grandma and me. Finally the day of the viewing came and there was so many people there that talked about their memories that they had with my grandma Nicky. It made me laugh and thought about the good times but it also made me sad because I won’t be able to make any more memories with her. Like having her see me get married and her trying to get a bouquet to add to her collection of family weddings she has gone to.

    The next day was Valentine’s Day and it was the day of the funeral. I didn’t want to see my grandma in the coffin because it was like saying goodbye officially for the last time. It was so hard to do, I just broke down while my fiancé and family hugged me to try to comfort me.

    On the way to the cemetery I was having flashbacks of when my grandma would make me green jello because it was my favorite and I had flashbacks of when she would sow pillowcases and blankets. I was also thinking about how she would get bothered by my grandpa when he would play Ace Ventura, her reactions was always funny because she didn’t like the movie. I also thought about how much she cared for others. She would write letters to people that were in jail giving them encouragement and so much support when their family and friends abandoned them. She would also visit people in hospitals and if she sees that she hasn’t seen some one in a week or two she would call them to see how they were doing and she would visit them. My grandma was also talented she did spoken word which is poetry but the way she would recite them captures your attention and it would make you feel something. Thinking about all these things while being at the cemetery putting flowers on her coffin made me feel calm because I thought that she lived a good life, she was able to pass away peacefully in her sleep and now she isn’t suffering and she is with God. These gave me peace inside even if there were tears still going down face.

    I don’t think I would have been able to handle all of this without the love and support from friends, family, church friends, my loving fiancé and even my co workers and boss. What especially helped was the relaxing music on YouTube that my boyfriend showed me. It was calming and it show nature as well as someone speaking out bible verses. I listened to it every day and I thank the person who made that YouTube video.

    If you are someone that is going through a loss and you feel like you don’t have anyone to help you go through this moment in life don’t worry there is always someone who will be there for you and you can use YouTube videos to help you when your by yourself. All you have to do is type Christian bible verses and a bunch come up that deals with strength, peace, promises etc.

    Friday’s quote

    Saturday, July 28th, 2018

    July 27, 2018

    “All things are dificult untill they are easy.”

    -Thomas Fuller

    Best ways to study

    Tuesday, April 24th, 2018

    I’m still in college, and I’m happy that summer is coming up but since it’s coming, that means finals is coming very soon which is a dread. During this time I’m busy taking notes and studying for my exams, and while I was reviewing my notes, I thought I should share some tips. (BONUS: at the bottom, there’s a music list that I use when I study)

    • To begin if you are studying for an exam DO NOT CRAM. It honestly doesn’t help you it’ll just get you stressed, and you don’t retain the information.
    • When you’re studying you need to take breaks
    • in between studying you should do a little exercise. It increases performance, gives you longer attention span, and gives you more fluid problem-solving. I like to do Zumba on youtube.
    • Have a study group but make sure that the people you are with really do want to study.
    • Test your self on the information every now and then. When you do, you can see what area you need to work on.
    • If you are studying a book, annotate it. If you don’t know what annotate is it is when you add notes to a text. You write explanations or put comments like “I thought this paragraph is interesting” or you could just put symbols/doodles that means something like”?” which would mean that you don’t understand that section and you can use it to ask your teacher a question about it.
    • To study better, you need clear and precise notes. To do this, I personally have two journals one for class one for home. For the classroom journal, I write in pencil, and I just focus on write all the vital information, and once I get home, I take the home journal to recopy my notes but in color. I color coded it, so each color means something specific like red means it’ll definitely be on the test and blue means vocabulary, etc.
    • When you’re taking notes in class, and you feel like you cant catch up see if it’s okay to record the teacher’s voice that way if you miss something later on you can listen to the recording to get the information.
    • Don’t work on a bed usually with me I tend to fall asleep on mine even on the couch because its super comfy so if you’re in the same boat as me you have to work at a table or desk.
    • If you feel like you’re easily distracted at home because of the tv or because of your pet or even family you should go to the public library, the school library, a lounge, or a coffee shop.
    • Now if your phone is what distracts you put it on airplane mode or the do not disturb option.
    • Set a timer. This gives me a goal to reach every time. I feel like I work harder when I put a timer. you could also use an app called Forest (android) Forest (iPhone)
    • Schedule your studying time and make a to-do list to help manage your time.
    • A tip I’ve learned from one of my AP classes n High school is to write the vocabulary word and a simplified definition on a note card then on the other side draw a picture. The picture on it reminds you of the information. For example, the word truncate would be on the front then on the other side you would draw a tree trunk being cut, and that’s supposed to help you know that truncate means to shorten.
    • Personally, I listen to non-lyrical music while I study or do homework I think it helps but for some people, it may not.

    Instrumental Music: Hans Zimmer , classical music , upbeat music

    Disney , jazz

    Fridays Quote

    Friday, April 20th, 2018

    April 20, 2018

    “Ships dontsink because of the water around them; shipssink because of the water that gets in them. Dont let whts happening around you get inside you and weigh you down.”

    -Author Unkown

    Super Bowl LII

    Monday, February 5th, 2018

    Hey everyone! I’m going to be doing my best on giving updates on the game for anyone who isn’t seeing the game 🙂

    “Watching the super bowl lii where the eagles and the Patriots are playing against each other. So far Eagles are head 9 to 3 and it is the 2nd quarter.  It is now 15 Eagles and 3 Patriots.”

    “it is now Eagles 15 and Patriots 6”

    “Patriots made a touchdown and they made a kick but missed. it is now 15 Eagles and 12 Patriots”

    “Eagles made a touchdown its 21 to 12 2nd quarter 34 seconds left.”

    “Eagles 22 Patriots 12”

    “Justin Timberlake halftime”

    “patriots touch down so it is 19 to 22 3rd quarter”

    “Eagles made a touchdown and it was reviewed and was passed so it is now 28 to 19”

    “Eagles made a kick and it went through 29 to 19”

    “defensive holding eagles to patriot”

    “patriots made a touchdown and a kick so they now have 26 and eagles 29”

    “Eagles 32 Patriots 33 4th quarter ”

    “eagles touchdown review and passed so it is 38 to 33 4th quarter 2min and 21 seconds”

    “eagles made a kick and scored 41 to 33 4th quarter 1:05”

    “final score eagles 41 patriots 33”

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