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Haiti Pictures

Saturday, July 28th, 2018

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1st Mission Trip

Wednesday, March 21st, 2018

So Hopefully I am going to be going on my first mission trip this summer to Haiti. All I need is $500 by June 11th and I need my passport to come in really soon. I am excited to have this kind of opportunity to come up like i can’t wait to build stuff and be with the kids etc and I really want to make a difference over there. Now even though I am excited to go to Haiti I am also a little scared because I have never gone out the country and I am a clumsy person so a part of me thinks I might hammer my thumb or something and I might get lost but I’m pretty mush scared of it all because it’s just a whole new experience for me. It’s just scary and exciting at the same time. I am happy that I’m doing this because I’m getting out of my comfort zone and I get to help people which is really great. When I get there I plan to take Pictures and write about my experience over there. Oh! and if you would like to donate click on this:┬á

and if you don’t feel in your heart to pay that’s okay but please wish me good luck or pray for me that’ll be helpful too ­čÖé


Friday, November 17th, 2017


Dear Friends

In June of 2018, I will have a unique opportunity to travel to Haiti with several volunteers to help and support the beautiful country of Haiti. We will be working alongside Hope Builders International whose purpose is to help build up the body of Christ through local discipleship, national partnerships and international support of indigenous mission activity. We will be doing different VBS programs and minor construction projects.  I would love for you to partner with me to help support these causes. Your prayers and financial support are a vital piece to making this dream a reality.

I am entirely grateful for your support, and I am even more excited to see how God will utilize me after taking a step out of my comfort zone.

Thank you!!!

Donations at



Thursday, November 9th, 2017

mission trip pic

So ever since I was 13, I always wanted to go on a missionary trip. But every time it comes up I always say when I’m older, or I’ll do it next year, but this time it’s different because after the church service on a Sunday I actually went to the meeting to get more information on the trips. One is to go to Ireland the other is to go to Haiti. I want to be able to go to at least one but I’m still not sure which I should go to, but I plan to work more at my substitute job to raise money as well as a funding page:┬á

I will be very grateful if you will help me by donating and I promise to show pictures of where I went and give lots of details of the trip on the blog. Please think about donating because I would love to make a good impact on someone’s life. Thank you.

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