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I have been busy with backed up school work because of hurricane Irma so right now one of my teachers is making us do a litsy log and post along with some other reading-related homework. So since I have been reading nonstop I thought I should post about one of the books I am reading called El Deafo.

El Deafo is a graphic novel written and illustrated by Cece Bell. The book is about Cece Bell’s childhood and living with her deafness. Although this graphic novel is about the author’s childhood it is illustrated with talking bunnies instead of actual people. In an interview with Horn Book Magazine  Deirdre F. Baker had asked Cece Bell “Why did you choose to tell your autobiography with bunny characters?” and Bell states “As the only deaf kid in my elementary school, I felt very different and isolated….Having to wear my awkward hearing aid intensified that feeling.To metaphorically show the magnitude of this, I made all the characters bunnies.”

The graphic novel shows Cece Bell needing the assistance of a phonic ear hearing aid while she was growing up. While the hearing aid helps her to hear it also distances her from kids because they see her different than them. This, of course, upsets her and it makes her desperate to find a real friend but she has problems with making a real friend because of the way the kids treat her but she still stays with them for the fear of not having any friends. Along the way, she gets an alter ego called “El Deafo” who is a superhero. Over time she opens up to people especially to a new friend who doesn’t care that she wears a hearing aid and eventually tells her friend about “El Deafo” and her friend agrees to be the sidekick.

This book was fun to read and I loved how it wasn’t a normal autobiography. I think the author did a great job. It was funny but it still showed her point of view on being deaf and dealing with people in her life. I honestly can say that I enjoyed every single part of this book.

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